With the introduction and adoption of cloud computing over the past few years, organisations that once invested in building and developing their Information Technology Systems are now moving away from this traditional approach to a more cost effective “As a Service” consumption based model. The same approach could be applied beyond the Information Technology environment to areas of a business, such as its people, their roles, their expertise etc.

With that in mind, we have developed the company BDaaS Consulting which is based on the concept of delivering Business Development as a Service (BDaaS), which takes the consumption model approach and applies it to Sales and Marketing of Information Technology to the Australian Market and furthermore the Australian Federal Government Market.

BDaaS Consulting is a locally owned SME consisting of a team of highly skilled and experienced Business Development Managers that specialise in establishing local Federal Government presence, sales, pre-sales and marketing expertise, brand awareness development, channel support and ongoing development of Federal Government business for New and Emerging Technology Vendors.

With over 50 years of collective experience within the Australian Federal Government market, BDaaS has been specifically designed to assist vendors in establishing a local market presence in a more cost effective manner. The cost of investing is a single resource to establish market presence is expensive and in some instances doesn”t provide an effective return on investment. By providing a unique shared resource approach BDaaS bridges the gap between organisations with no presence in the Federal Government market right through to establishing an entire branch office sales team while mitigating risks associated with theĀ  approach of a employing a single resource.

The Federal Government Market

To be successful within the Australian Federal Government, a Vendor needs to be mindful of six key elements, these consist of:-

  • Genuine Need for a Vendors Products and/or Solution (Appetite)
  • Reduces TCO and/or provides an effective ROI
  • Compelling Event to Act
  • Understands Government
  • Maintains Diverse Customer Relationships
  • Provides ongoing Support and a localised presence.

To address these six elements in the most effective way, organisations need to have experienced people that have a diverse set of relationships across the entire Federal Government, that understands the products and/or solutions they offer, how these products should be marketed to generate the most effective return, what is the Compelling Event for Government to act (ie Policy Change) and how they will provide ongoing long-term support.

BDaaS Consulting have designed its business structure in a way where it address these six key elements in the most effective way. As such BDaaS employs Business Development Managers on strict conditions that meet the following criteria:-

  • 10 or more CXO level relationships across Federal Government
  • 500+ Government Contacts across 10 or more Government Agencies.
  • 10 or more Years’experience in dealing with Federal Government
  • Understands Government Procurement Guidelines, Contracts, Budgets, Policies, ITSM and Security practises, DSD Certification Process etc.
  • Extensive Product Knowledge across a number of product verticals
  • Cost Modelling Experience
  • Customer Support Experience

Further to these six key elements there is also an unspoken rule for a vendor to establish a local presence within the ACT, either in the form of an ACT dedicated sales representative or a full branch office. BDaaS understands that there is a significant investment in doing so with today’s economic climate, as such BDaaS believes we have the ideal solution to address this requirement in a more cost effective way.